Meal Subscription

Tired of figuring out what to eat morning, noon and night for your family? Take a break a few days a week.

Try our meal subscription. You will get ready-to-eat, or heat-and-eat meals made with whole fresh ingredients. These are some examples of the types of dishes you would be enjoying.


-Breakfast Burritos-chorizo and potato

-Egg bites-ham & cheese, fresh fruit

-Chia with coconut milk and berries

-Quinoa with spiced apples

-Vegetable scramble and home potatoes



-Brazilian Chicken Salad Sandwich 

-Chicken chopped salad with herbed Ranch

-Pasta salad with shrimp and green chickpea

-Avocado & Black Bean Fiesta wrap

-Chili w/ jalapeño corn bread

-Guisado-Pork Stew with tortillas



-Pulled pork sandwiches with slaw

-Grilled salmon with Chimichurri over zucchini & rice

-Chicken Fajita with seasoned rice and black beans

-Pastelon-Latin lasagna with sweet plantains (no pasta) & mixed greens

-Steak and Portobello tacos with Spanish rice

-Honey glazed chicken with mixed vegetables and roasted rosemary potatoes

We have four tiers for our meal plans. Each week you can pick three from each category. The portions are for two adults (and a little extra for a small child) ;)

Tier 1-Meals only $90/week

Tier 2-Meals + Snacks $110/week (e.g. plantain chips, chili-lime nuts)

Tier 3-Meals + Cocktails $120/week (cocktail kit with all accoutrements and instructions-6 servings)

Tier 4-All the food and beverage!! =) $130 

Please email me for more details if interested.

For every five households that purchase subscriptions I will be donating a week of food to families in need in Everett.