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Opening Update!

Hi all!!

We have our fingers crossed this is the last update we will have to post. This is the long version of our reopening, if you want the short story (mostly in pics) check out our social media pages on IG and FB.

In March, when the shut-down begin, we chose to stay open of carry out. This didn't last long. So many of our menu items didn't translate well for to go dining, and our menu was too large. It was too expensive and not sustainable. Then a few weeks later, after regrouping and a new menu, we tried again. We thought that we could be there for our community by offering whole, yummy foods, but also without people in our dining room we could get some much needed maintenance on our historic building. As we dove deeper in to projects we saw that what Sol needed was a major re-haul and we would need to be closed to accomplish it.

First was to have PSE remove our residential sized hot water heater, yes, that's not a typo, residential. They plumbed to a new location so we could get the correct commercial size. Yay! We also resurfaced the floors in our back kitchen and the hallway to our courtyard. New booths (your rear will thank us!), chairs and tables. Not only were these falling apart and outdated, but the new furniture allows for better sanitation with fully wipe-able materials. We updated our restrooms with touch-less dryers, updated floors and re-painted walls. Our bar got a slick new surface and a foot rail! Yes, finally! I know! And then the courtyard, I know everyone can't wait to get back there! There are so many more little touches, but you'll just have to wait a little longer to see it. 

So we are doing our best to wrap everything up. So many people have messaged asking when we will open, and I, Khristina, have answered them personally, saying we would open Monday, June 29, unfortunately that is not going to happen.

We are currently waiting for an inspection by the City of Everett to move forward. Being that they only have one person doing inspections right now, we have to wait until Monday (29th). After the inspection we will be able to give a definitive date, fingers crossed it will be the following Monday.

We would like to thank everyone for the love and support we have received, by both well-wishers online and passers-by that pause to see what our status is. 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!! We will see you soon! 

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