Where do you ask? Well, we aren’t exactly sure...


Here’s the short story. (For the long story, keep reading)


The building owner has been unresponsive for months on our request to fix structural issues. We are now on a month to month lease, and he wants to renegotiate a lease raising the rent. This is unacceptable to us.


So,... we gave notice and are moving. Please check back here and/or social media for details. We are searching for an awesome spot where we can thrive!!

The long version...


We have been in this space for 10 years as of February, it’s a beautiful historic     building and we love it, unfortunately, we do not own it. Even though we do not  own it we have invested over $100k on repairs/improvements over the years. These improvements are plumbing, electrical and structural. We have also replaced hood fans, a commercial hot water heater and a walk-in refrigerator. We added these for the betterment of our business,..but cannot take them with us, so they are an asset  to the landlord. 


We have had an issue with a leaking roof off and on for several years, the building owner doing patch jobs at various times. In September we again had water pouring into our kitchen. Over the last few months he has been unresponsive until a couple  of weeks ago when he offered to send someone out and that we could negotiate a new lease. Under these conditions we are not willing to negotiate for more time in this   location. If this was the only major repair that needed to be done, it would not be such an issue, but there are than just the roof.


Although we have nostalgic feelings for this space, we are excited to start anew in a spot that will be  less monthly, weekly and really, daily repairs.


We have some feelers out there, but don’t have any specific location in mind, but we do want to stay Downtown. We have our fingers crossed!


This is bitter sweet for us, we have so many wonderful memories here. Ten years is a long time,..and of course 2020 felt like a 20 month year. We welcome any questions or comments you may have. 

If you are not a social media person, please feel free to email Khristina@SolFoodEverett.com with your preferred method of notification and we  can let you know our progress periodically.


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